June 2023 Minutes

Attendees: Andrew Bassett, Dan Berger, Andy Denton, Jim Hall, Zak Herner, Matt King, Ken Littel, Frank Molinaro, Mark Procter, Craig Ranshaw, Adam Rootberg, Nate Rootberg, Chris Slawinski, Mike Summers, Zach Swedo, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid


There will be a Homebrew Festival on Sunday Sep. 24 at Mickey Finn’s, with three elements:

  1. A BJCP Competition with advance submissions required
  2. A Best of Show on the day of the festival
  3. The Club Cup, with the winner to be determined by a combination of the points scored in the BJCP portion and the Best of Show results.

Andy has asked if anyone can pour beer on Perfect’s behalf on Saturday June 24 at Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove. Details of the festival can be found here. If you’re available and interested, please reach out to Andy directly.

Our August meeting will showcase the Beer of the Quarter 3, with the category being BJCP Cat. 1, Standard American Beer (American Lager, American Light Lager, Cream Ale, and American Wheat Beer). Now is a good time to brew up a batch for the BOQ if you haven’t already.

Finally, Tonality Brewing – founded by NUBS alumni – has an Indiegogo campaign underway to raise money for a new glass garage door for their brewery and taproom. Support levels range from $2 for a sticker to $1,199 for a pre-fixe dinner for 30.