Welcome to FerMentors!

FerMentors is the NUBS mentorship program, where we pair aspiring homebrewers with veteran homebrewers to provide a hands-on and personalized learning atmosphere. As a junior brewer in FerMentors, you will make a five gallon batch of beer with a member of NUBS, and you will keep the beer you make. This program is for folks who:

  • Have taken a brewing class and are unsure of the next steps
  • Bought brewing equipment, and want to learn how to use it well
  • Have brewed with extract, and want to switch to all-grain
  • Just want to learn more about homebrewing

In a typical FerMentors experience you will meet your mentor at Perfect Brewing Supply (PBS) and you will pick and purchase a recipe from the shop with guidance from your mentor. You will brew your beer at PBS with direction from your mentor. Your mentor will advise you on how to keep it happy while it ferments and two to three weeks later, your mentor will help you bottle it. There will be a flat fee of $20 for use of the shop’s resources.

To get started as a junior brewer, email Fermentor@nubsbrew.com to get in touch with our FerMentors coordinator. They can answer any questions you have, and put you in touch with a brewing mentor.