March 2016 Meeting Minutes


  1. Finance update
  2. Milwalky Taco dinner 4/4 at 6:30 PM
    1. $50 per person. Money can be dropped off at store
  3. Big Brew 5/7 at Perfect Brewing 8am
    1. Plan to fill a barrel of a hefe. Omega will provide lacto and yeast, BSG will provide malt/hops for free.
    2. Will provide an alternate IPA recipe for those not interested in brewing the hefe or AHA recommended recipes for Big Brew
    3. Sign up with the Perfect Brewing to confirm participation
  4. Few Spirits is selling barrels. Good opportunity for members to take advantage of getting a 5 or 15 gal barrel for a reasonable price. Contact Few for more info.
  5. Lake Co fair will be hosting a homebrew contest. Looking for club members to volunteer. Details will be shared once Lake Co schedules the event.
  6. Website – thanks to club members volunteering to update the website via wordpress.
    1. $60 per year hosting fee – all voted yes
  7. Saison experiment – If you participated your beer is hitting a “good” age. It would be great to bring these beers to the next meeting!
  8. Next smash beer to be an IPA using same grain/yeast and trying different hops. Look to coordinate June/July, more details to come.
  9. Tasting table next month next month. If you want to have your beer “judged” by peers please be on the lookout for a sign up email request from the club in 1-2 weeks.
    1. We’ll start with two members for each meeting that can bring beer to be judged. Selection will be 1st come 1 serve.
    2. Anyone interested in BJCP certification should respond to email and offer up to judge.
  10. BJCP certification – any members interested in this program should email the club. Some members have already started a study group, which would be great for future prospective judges!