October 2016 Meeting Minutes


  1. Testing new sign in sheet
    1. Tablet is being passed around
  2. Holiday Party
    1. Do we want to have a holiday party?
      1. Potluck
      2. Go out to a restaurant again?
    2. Pay in advance
  3. November 5th
    1. Official Learn to Homebrew day
      1. No club in Chicago is doing anything
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. 825 in the account
    2. Swag
      1. T-shirts or work shirts
        1. Carhart
        2. Cutler work wear
      2. Stickers
        1. Have the club pay 50% and sell the rest
      3. Table skirt and banner
  5. Tasting Table
    1. Table needs to be before the meeting
    2. If you want to be involved in the tasting table, please reach out to the board.
    3. Great way to brew a beer members want to and get more feedback
      1. Possible to do it digitally and have feedback anonymous
  6. Yeastmode
    1. Five cans
    2. Grab the yeast
    3. Brew a beer
  7. Barrels
    1. Both recipes for both barrels
    2. Recipes will be posted online via BEERXML
    3. Wee heavy is a great recipe that utilizes a decoction
      1. Can do it on Karl and Don’s system
      2. Split cost between participants
      3. Big concern is to cool and ferment