Donations for Middleton Family

Below is a letter from NUBS member Scott Middleton, the North Urban Brewing Society will be collecting donations for the Middleton family at Perfect Brewing Supply, or you can donate to the family via a GoFundMe page at the following link.

Middleton Family

On December 11th 2016 my daughter, Melissa and her husband, Edgar were involved in a tragic auto accident which left Melissa with severe traumatic brain injury and in a coma for 8 weeks. As a result of the accident she also had to have her spleen removed, had a collapsed lung, pelvic fractures and several broken ribs.

Melissa has started to emerge from her coma and progress has been slow.

We are praying for a 100% recovery but at this point the doctors can’t say to what degree she will recover. Melissa will require many months of inpatient rehabilitation before she will be able to come home. Possibly a year or more.

The medical bills have already started coming in and as you can imagine they are staggering. While Melissa has insurance, the insurance won’t cover everything.

This is a very young family Melissa is 21 and Edgar is 22. They have a daughter, Isabella, who turned 1 year old in November. We pray every day that Melissa will once again be able hold her baby and little Bella will know what an awesome mom she has.

Any help that you give would be greatly appreciated by me and my family.

Thank you all very much.