February 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. NUBS Twitter Account
    1. Matt King is taking over the Twitter account
  2. Board Addition
    1. Matt King is officially added to the Board
  3. Elections are being held in June for all board positions
    1. If you are interested, please reach out
  4. Donation Jar for Scott Middleton’s daughter
    1. GoFundMe page is “Hope for Melissa”
      1. https://www.gofundme.com/35d35g0
    2. Donation Jar will be located up front in the shop
    3. You can donate at either the shop or the GoFundMe page
  5. Big Brew
    1. May 6th
    2. Brewing at Perfect Brewing Supply
    3. Brew AHAs recipe or one of our own?
    4. Do we ferment separately or together in the big fermenter
    5. NUBs sponsored event
    6. Funky Saison
  6. Brett Exbeeriment
    1. 30 bucks per 15 gallon barrel
    2. Pitching multiple different Brett strains
  7. NUBS intro to brewing
    1. Lake County Beer Fest
      1. Folks that attend the beer fest who aren’t homebrewed but are interested
        1. Intro to brewing with NUBS and Perfect Brewing Supply
    2. Pre-NUBS
  8. Lake County Beer Fest
    1. Volunteers meet at 330 at the brew shop if you have beer
    2. Volunteers talk to Sheldon
  9. T-shirts
    1. 15 bucks a piece
  10. Quarterly Beer
    1. Will provide style guidelines
    2. Q2 – American Pale Ale
    3. Q3 – Oktoberfest
    4. Q4 – Russian Imperial Stout
    5. Q1
  11. Lake County Fairgrounds
    1. Might have a little hop farm/co-op
    2. NUBS to sponsor a row
  12. Welcome Brett!