July 2017 Meeting Minutes

NUBS Meeting Minutes

  1. Beer of the Meeting is LIVE: This is a reminder that the club has begun its “Beer of the Meeting” competition.
    Those wishing to participate at each monthly meeting will receive a cup to place in front of their beer and a ticket.
    Each member places a ticket in cup of the beer they felt was the “Best in Show” for that meeting. Whoever has the most tickets at the end of the meeting wins.

    1. The July winner is Tony Bena for his Galaxy IPA. Congratulations, Tony!
  2. Beer of the Quarter: Every quarter the club will designate a specific beer style to be served at a predetermined meeting date.
    The feature style for Q3 is Kölsch. Please bring your Kölsches to the August meeting to share with fellow members.

    1. Also be aware that the feature style for Q4 is Oktoberfest. Those interested should probably get started brewing soon.
      The Oktoberfest beers will be served at the October meeting.
  3. Kings & Convicts & Competitions: We have reached out to Kings & Convicts regarding the possibility of partnering with the club on an event.
    Currently we are looking to hold a homebrew competition with them. Kings & Convicts would determine the style categories for the competition.
    Proceeds from the competition would go to a charity to be determined later. The winner will brew their recipe on Kings & Convicts’ system. Sales from the beer would also be donated to charity.
  4. Barrels: After a bit of back and forth it has been decided that the club will be retaining only one of the four barrels currently held as club assets.
    What should we do with the other three? Bring your ideas to the next meeting. (Side Note: Andy has talked to a couple of people potentially interested in buying the barrels from us.
    This avenue should be perused prior to the next meeting.)

    1. The club further determined that we should investigate buying two 30 gallon barrels for future projects as details for future barrel-related group brews are finalized.
  5. A Flood of Generosity: The topic of the recent floods prompted discussion of club activities that might assist members effected by the disaster.
    It was determined that different members were likely effected differently by the flood and that no one event would be well tailored to the needs of everyone effected.

    1. It was also noted that assistance to club members has been an ongoing concern. A longer term, ongoing initiative to provide support for club
      members in the form of some kind of club fund was suggested as a possible solution. The topic was left open for further development.
  6. Brewery Tour: Plans are proceeding for a brewery outing sometime in the near future. Details are still in the works. Stay tuned.
    Mikerphone Brewing in Elk Grove Village was discussed as one possible destination.
  7. Mundelein Craft Beer Festival Reimbursements: This is your last chance to receive a reimbursement from the club if you brought a beer to pour at the Mundelein Craft Beer Festival.
    Email Trevor or Matt King for details.
  8. North Shore Wine, Beer, and Cigar Fest: The North Shore Wine, Beer, and Cigar Fest is rapidly approaching on August 26th. It was determined that there was insufficient
    time and interest among club members to brew beer for the event. However, Perfect Brewing offered to provide beer for members to pour so that the club would still have a presence at the fest.
    Sign-up sheet to pour will be on NUBS website if we decide to participate. The event website can be found at http://www.northshorewineandbeerfest.com/.
    We are currently looking into the possibility of free or discounted tickets to +1s of those electing to pour at the event.
  9. Treasurer’s Report: The club account currently has a balance of $785.00.
    1. We are currently collecting club dues. You will be notified when your membership renewal is due.
    2. We are attempting to see how many members are also currently AHA members. This is important for us as a club because the AHA will reimburse us for our insurance premiums if 75%
      or more of our club members are also AHA members.