October 2017 Meeting Minutes

NUBS Minutes: 10-19-17 Meeting

Forbidden Root: We are now signing up members for our next club event, a tour of Forbidden Root Restaurant & Brewery and a chat with local homebrewing legend and author Randy Mosher on December 3 at 3:00pm.
A $35 ticket is available which includes the brewery tour, a flight of five 5oz beers, and round trip ground transportation from Perfect Brewing to Forbidden Root and back. Be aware that these tickets are limited to 15, the number of seats on the van.
Additional tickets for the tour and a flight will be available for $20 each. Purchasers of these tickets will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.
Beers of the Quarter: Beers of the Quarter have been set for 2018. One of them is a Russian Imperial Stout featured in Q4, a beer that will benefit from conditioning a full year. Get brewing!

See all of next year’s styles at http://www.northurbanbrewingsociety.com/category/botq/

Member Rewards Update: The current board is continuing its push to bring additional value to your paid membership with NUBS. Some of the things currently in the works are:
  • Membership Cards to present to local merchants participating in club deals
  • 15% member discount for all ingredient purchases made at Perfect Brewing on club meeting nights only
  • Access to the club’s water test kit to help dial in your brewing water
  • Other deals in the works, including local restaraunts

Stay tuned for further details.

Kings & Convicts Competition Update: Details are continuing to firm up with the Kings & Convicts Competition this December. The details of note:
  • Drop off deadline for beers will be November 30 at Perfect Brewing
  • 2-3 22oz bombers required for entry
  • Lables should be printed from the competition website at http://comp.nubsbrew.com/ and affixed to bottles using rubber bands
  • Final Judging and the Awards Ceremony will be December 9 at Kings & Convicts

Currently, thirteen entries have been received for the Production Beer portion of the competition. Entries to the Production Beer category are closed.

Eight entries for the Tap Room Beer portion of the competition have been received. Entry is still open for the Tap Room Beers. Entries for this portion have been capped at sixteen total entries, so there are still eight slots left.
Big Brew Recipe Build: Yeast for next year’s Big Brew recipe was voted on last month. The winner was Saisonstein’s Monster. This month we determine base grain for the recipe. The polls are open through the end of October. Cast your vote at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WF6PRXH
Holiday Announcements: Please remember that there will be no December meeting for the club. Our January 2018 meeting will be the club’s annual Holiday Pot Luck at Perfect Brewing. Be sure to sign up at http://www.northurbanbrewingsociety.com/2017/12/pot-luck-sign-up/.
This month’s big winners: The winner of October’s Beer of the Quarter competition was Jerry Reid! Nicely done!
And while this technically happened after the meeting and is not officially a part of the minutes for 10-19-17, I would like to note that Ryan Walker was the big winner at Crystal Lake Brewing’s Pitcher in the Rye competition on October 22nd. Ryan took first place in Saisons (25B), as well as the Best of Show trophy for the entire competition! Nicely done, sir!