November 2022 Minutes

Attendees: Matt King, Zak Herner, Dan Berger, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid, Andy Denton, Jim Hall, Aaron Hexamer, Jim Williams, Jon Leininger, Tristan Fanning, Ken Littel, Mohit Deshpande, Ben Strong, Kevin Kamins, Scott Kamins


  • The holiday party is planned for January, site is still TBD
  • Work shirt pre-orders are available on the NUBS website. The new work shirts will feature two! working pockets.
  • Additional NUBS merchandise is now available on the website, including:
    • Tulip glasses
    • Tasting glasses
    • Trucker hats
    • Women’s tee shirts
  • The Wort Rally is set for Saturday January 28, 2023
    • Wort style, judging date are TBD
  • Beer of the Quarter:
    • The 2023 Q1 style is BJCP Category 13: Brown British Beer
    • Bring your Brown British Beer to the February meeting for judging
    • The 2023 Q2 style will be BJCP Category 21: IPA
  • Brew and BBQ is upcoming on Black Friday: reach out to Perfect to RSVP