March 2023 Minutes

Attendees: Craig Ranshaw, Aaron Hexamer, Matt King, Leah Vaid, Dan Berger, Zak Herner, Edward Salse, Andy Denton, Jon Leininger, Dan ‘Karl Malone’, Mark Kuhnke, Clint McDonald, Sam McDonald, Zach Swedo, Ken Little, Scott Kamins, Tristan Fanning, Jim Hall, Mark Procter, Mark Mokate*, and Don Gatza*

*-First-time attendees

Event Announcements:

  • Saturday 18 Mar 2023 is Brew, BBQ, and Basketball at Perfect Brewing. Festivities start at 10:00, with brewing starting between 8 and 9 AM.
  • Wort Rally entries are due 22 Mar 2023
    • Award ceremony will be on Sunday 02 Apr 2023 at 3:00 PM at Mickey Finns. This is open to everyone who participated, even if you aren’t submitting your beer for judgment
    • There will be a bottle share for Rally beers before the ceremony at 1:30 PM at Perfect Brewing
  • Big Brew is happening at Perfect Brewing on Sat 06 May 2023
    • We will have the Zoiglbier on tap, and German food to eat
    • The big shop system will most likely be used to brew something for Mundelein Craft Beer Festival
    • Sign up through the NUBS site so we can see who is brewing vs. who is just socializing
    • If you are brewing, coordinate with Andy: we need to stagger start times so we can stagger use of the water for cooling wort
    • If you can only attend for part of the day, try to be there for the World Wide Toast at noon CDT
    • Please wear your NUBS gear and show some club pride! Whichever member of NUBS brings the most non-members will win a prize
  • Mundelein Craft Beer Festival: Saturday 10 June 2023
    • Tickets will go on sale at the end of March
    • NUBS has been comped four tickets again this year
    • Both Matt and Andy will be out of town for this event, and we will need an event coordinator e.g. to manage the equipment and distribute wristbands

General News:

As a reminder, the next three Beers of the Quarter are:

Q2: IPAs, to be judged in May

Q3: Standard American Beer, to be judged in August

Q4: Monastic ales, to be judged in November

We have hops aroma standards to smell tonight. Give them a sniff and check out some of the characteristics you find in various hops strains.