April 2023 Minutes

Attendees: Andrew Bassett, Corey Bowman, Andy Denton, Tristan Fanning, Don Gatza, Jim Hall, John Harlan, Zak Herner, Aaron Hexamer, Mark Kuhnke, Jon Leininger, Ken Little, Tim McClintick, Clint McDonald, Sam McDonald, Mark Procter, Craig Ranshaw, Adam Rootberg, Ben Strong, Zach Swedo, Elias Theodosis, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid, Jim Williams, Mark Wilson


  • Big Brew is on Saturday May 6:
    • If you are planning to attend, please sign up through the NUBS Site if you haven’t already.
    • So far we have two brewers registered and a handful of registrants for general socializing
    • The club will be brewing on the shop pilot system; this beer will be served at Mundelein
    • Brewing begins around 9AM
    • Zoiglbier and German foods will be served
  • The Mundelein Craft Beer Festival is Saturday June 10
    • Tickets are available here
    • The participating breweries are listed on the Tighthead webpage here
    • NUBS will have a booth at this festival. Set-up begins around 11 AM
    • The four spots for volunteers to pour beer at the booth have already been claimed
    • If you want your beer served at the festival, keg donations are being accepted: you can drop your beer off with Matt
  • Scott Kamins is hosting a skateboard race Memorial Day weekend, and has invited NUBS to attend
    • He will have more information at the May NUBS meeting
  • Perfect is planning a summer homebrew competition, with details and timing TBA
  • Upcoming Beer of the Quarter:
    • Q2, May meeting: IPA (BJCP Category 21)
    • Q3, August meeting: Standard American Beer (BJCP Category 1)
    • Q4, November meeting: Monastic Ales (BJCP Category