May 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees, and their beers: Dan Berger, Tristan Fanning (barleywine), Ben Fenton, Aurelio Gonzalez, Jim Hall (session IPA), Zak Herner (Phantasm HIPA and commercial IPA examples), Aaron Hexamer (hazy IPA), Kevin Kamins, Scott Kamins (ryePA), Matt King, Ken Littel (hazy ryePA), Mark Kuhnke, Clint & Sam McDonald (honey marmalade IPA), Frank Molinaro (Zombie Dust clone), Jason Pickering (milkshake IPA), Mark Procter (Oktoberfest), Adam Rootberg (American IPA), Edward Salse (Lunch clone, Treehouse clone), Chris Slawinski, Ben Strong (Pliny the Elder clone), Zach Swedo (red IPA), Elias Theodosis (Belgian IPA and American IPA), Dave Thome, Leah Vaid (ryePA), Jim Williams (brown IPA), Andy Wyshnytzky (IPA)


  • Vernon Hills Craft Beer Tasting is Saturday May 20 at Century Park. Admission is $35, designated driver admission is $10
  • Mundelein Craft Beer Festival is Saturday June 10.
    • All volunteer spots have been claimed, and we’re almost at capacity for beer donations.
  • Beer of the Quarter judging is tonight, with the category being BJCP Cat. 21, IPAs
  • We’re launching a mentorship program, FerMentors, to educate and encourage new brewers
    • If you’re interested, contact Leah
  • Workshirts are still available without names printed on them; print-on-demand tee shirts are also available in three colors, with samples at the back of the room
  • Perfect’s “Owner’s Out of Town” sale ends at the end of the day Saturday May 20

Beer of the Quarter:

  • Zak Herner wins with his Phantasm HIPA
  • Honorable mentions to Jim Williams’ brown IPA and Ben Strong’s Pliny clone