September 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dan Berger, Andy Denton, Tristan Fanning, Greg Giroux, Aurelio Gonzalez, Jim Hall, Zak Herner, Scott Kamins, Matt King, Clint McDonald, Richard Pless, Edward Salse, Zach Swedo, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid


  1. The Homebrew Festival and Competition is on Sunday, Sep 24 from 1-5 PM
    • $20 admission if you are not pouring beer
    • Of 22 pourers, 11 are from NUBS
    • Even if you aren’t pouring, come out and support the community and the hobby!
  2. Pub crawl in Highwood on Sunday Oct 8 from 12-4 PM
    • The plan is to hit Broken Tee Brewing Co., Beermiscuous, and 28 Mile Distilling Co.
    • There is a $5 fee to join the crawl, which will go towards food during the crawl
    • Register on the NUBS website
  3. Tonality soft opening in mid-October
    • Exact date is TBD, to be narrowed down to Oct 10/11/17/18
    • This will be a limited-attendance event, currently limited to 15 heads
    • Register for this event on the NUBS site
  4. November meeting will have Beer of the Quarter
    • The BOQ category for Q4 is Cat. 26, Monastic Ales
    • This means Belgian Singles, Dubbels, Tripels, and Quads
  5. Learn to Homebrew Day is coming up on November 4
    • The current plan is for the club to rent the big system at Perfect, buy ingredients, and brew a big batch of something to be served at a later club event