March 2024 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Ed Aiello, Dan Berger, Bill Carlton, Andy Denton, Tristan Fanning, Ben Fenton, Ryan Freeman, Jim Hall, Zak Herner, Nick Kati, Joe Lee, Ken Littel, Matt King, Clint McDonald, Kevin O’Brian, Jason Pickering, Mark Procter, Adam Rootberg, Edward Salse, Derek Stiver, Ben Strong, Zach Swedo, Leah Vaid


  1. NUBS Beer Train on Mar 30: we’ll take the 10:20 train from Lake Bluff with stops at Half Acre, Spiteful, and Hop Butcher to the World. If you’re interested, sign up via the Facebook event or, if you aren’t on Facebook, reach out to Dan or Matt.
  2. NUBS is planning to brew on the shop system on Sunday March 24, with the output to be served at Big Brew. Recipe is TBD.
  3. Big Brew is on Saturday May 4, with an overall Star Wars theme; Perfect is planning a Clone Brews theme. If you need inspiration, check out the clone recipes available on the AHA website. Be sure to RSVP on Facebook.
  4. For the April meeting, we’re hoping to have a water meeting, where folks can bring in water samples to test them with the club kit. Keep your eye out for updates on this front.
  5. Perfect is having a spent grain collection event on Apr 20: grain will be collected as a composting feedstock. Bring in your spent grain for a PBS gift card, or brew on site for a fat discount on grain.
  6. Mundelein Craft Beer Festival is on June 8 at a brand new location, and this year they will have a whole homebrew tent, with Perfect as a sponsor. You can sign up to pour as an individual this year.
  7. On April 9, Perfect is hosting an educational session at Tighthead to educate our palates about the six basic off flavors in beer. Sign up through the PBS website, class cost is $45.

Beer of the Quarter: Category 15, Irish Beers

Mark Procter wins by a landslide with his Irish Extra Stout!