Scavenger Hunt 2020

$50 Gift Certificate to Perfect Brewing Supply

The rules are simple – purchase six beers and try to accumulate the most points via the tasks below.

The goal is to support local breweries, so members are encouraged to have commercial Lake County based entries.

Yellow cells are a one time deal.
Orange cells can be repeated as many times as people want.
Red cells are the category winners and folks are limited to 6 total entries (8 total categories).

Board members can’t win red cells but are encouraged to participate.
Subjective category winners (rarest beer, funniest named beer) will be voted on by board for the winner.

Get out and get your beers and during our November virtual meeting (Nov. 19) we will discuss our favorite finds – have fun.

Be sure to submit your photos to our Facebook group or email as proof of purchase.
Task/Category Points
Follow NUBSBrew on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook 3
Up to date on NUBS dues 3
Selfie of brewing at home posted to NUBS Facebook or e-mailed to Andrew 5
Selfie with mask on in lake county brewery posted to NUBS Facebook or e-mailed to Andrew 1
Selfie with brewer/owner in lake county brewery toasting a beer posted to NUBS Facebook (3 bonus points for former NUBS/BABBLE member) or emailed to Andrew 5
Freshest Beer (package date closest to Nov 19 2020) 10
Rarest Beer 10
Funniest Named Beer 10
Most Exotic Ingredient 10
Oldest Beer 10
Lowest ABV 10
Highest Score on Beer Advocate 10
Highest ABV 10