October 2022 Minutes

Attendees (and their beverages): Zak Herner (Kolsch), Dave Majewski* (Oak Aged Wee Heavy, Belgian Dark Strong Ale), Andrew Bassett (Table Saison), Tristan Fanning (Irish Red), Jim Williams (BBA Imperial Stout, Dragon Fruit Berliner Weisse, Marzen), Aaron Hexamer (Mead), Matt King, Zach Swedo*  (Cucumber Mint Kolsch), Jim Hall (Cream Ale, Amber, American Light Lager [rice]), Jon Leininger (25 gallons of unspecified beverages), Dan Berger (NUBSburger), Andy Denton, Marc Stookal, Dave Thome (Cream Ale), Samantha McDonald, Clint McDonald (Meads), Frank Molinaro (Sketchbook Pumpkin Saison), Aurelio Gonzalez Hernandez (Fausto Brewery Helles, Rauchbier, Stout, Altbier, Maibock, SMaSH), Dan “Karl Malone” Sellers (Falco Lombardi Party [Neapolitan Ale]), Scott “Sharkattack” Kamins (Oktoberfest)

Meeting talking points

Learn to Homebrew Day is November 5 with an 11:30 am start time. If you are brewing that day, sign up. If you’re just dropping by, also sign up. There will be a movie night featuring V for Vendetta, with seasonally appropriate Guy Fawkes references for one and all.

A Collaboration with Club Wort will be featured at learn to homebrew day as well. Craig Ranshaw will be bringing the clubs giant 40+ gallon system, which should allow nine total homebrewers to buy in for a share of the beer; four from Club Wort, four from NUBS, and Craig. (NOTE: I’m not sure about the particulars of how people sign up for this, or what they need to be aware of once they do.)

Beer of the Quarter is back! Rather than specific styles, we will be exploring broader BJCP style categories. First up is Category 13, British Brown Beer. Check out the NUBS site for recipe formulation ideas.

NUBS merch is still available, and the current supply is rapidly shrinking. Once we have sold through our current stock, we will open up a NUBS store featuring Print On Demand apparel and such. Stay tuned.

Our Holiday Party will be this January at a craft brewery or similar space to be determined. We’ll keep you posted.

We will be having a December meeting this year. The third Thursday of the month is early enough not to interfere directly with the holidays. Put it on your calendar!

With thanks to Dan Berger for taking minutes.