July 2023 Minutes

Attendees: Dan Berger, Andy Denton, Mohit Deshpande, Tristan Fanning, Ben Fenton, Zak Herner, Kevin Kamins, Scott Kamins, Matt King, Ken Littel, Dan ‘Karl Malone’, Clint McDonald, Sam McDonald, Ein McDonald, Frank Molinaro, Craig Ranshaw, Adam Rootberg, Edward Salse, Chris Slawinski, Elias Theodosis, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid, Andy Wyshnytzky


Next month is Beer of the Quarter in which we compete over who makes the best Standard American Beer (BJCP Category 1)

Perfect is hosting a Homebrew Festival and Competition September 24 at Mickey Finn’s in Libertyville, expected to run from 1-4 PM

  • There is a BJCP-sanctioned competition element, with registration here
  • There is also a People’s Choice Award
  • There will be a Club Cup, determined via a combination of the BJCP scores and the People’s Choice results
  • This will be a ticketed event for patrons, with ticket availability to be determined by the number of brewers who volunteer to pour, and ticket prices are still TBD
  • If you want to pour at the festival, keep an eye out next week, Andy will try to bring that online
    • All pourers will receive some small gift
  • Sponsors include Blichmann, Gold Eagle, and Beer Bazaar