August 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dan Berger, Steve Collier, Andy Denton, Tristan Fanning, Ben Fenton, Jim Hall, Zak Herner, Kevin Kamins, Scott Kamins, Jim King, Matt King, Ken Littel, Dan ‘Karl Malone’, Dan Marks, Frank Molinaro, Richard Pless, Mark Procter, Craig Ranshaw, Chris Slawinski, Dave Thome, Leah Vaid


  • Homebrew Fest is coming! September 24, 1-5 PM at Mickey Finn’s
    • There will be live music
    • The competition portion is imminent: entries must be registered by 08 Sep 2023, and drop-off opens on 25 Aug 2023
    • Andy is looking for volunteers to pour, and needs both personnel and beer; goal is to have 20-25 pourers. If you plan to pour, plan to bring about 5 gallons of beer, and to be at the fest for the duration.
    • Pourers will get swag, and will be eligible for great prizes
  • Tonality is slated to open in October
    • NUBS will be invited to a soft opening event in the first two weeks of October
    • More info will be forthcoming at next month’s meeting
  • We need ideas for Learn to Homebrew Day in November
    • Previous LtHD events include a movie night, themed food
    • Craig suggested we do a Really Big Brew on Club Wort’s big system
  • Upcoming: a water testing meeting in late fall or early winter. Bring a sample of your brewing water to test with the club kit, and compare water quality
    • Some samples may be sent to Ward Labs for a formal analysis
  • A Fantasy Football League will be starting soon, with Andrew Bassett as the commissioner
    • Buy-in is expected to be $50
    • There will be exciting guest speakers at the shop on Sundays during football season
    • Contact Andy Denton and/or Andrew Bassett if you want more info or want to join the league
  • Beer of the Quarter!
    • BJCP Category 1 beers, Standard American Beer
    • Winner: Matt King with a light American lager