May 2024 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dan Berger, Ben Fenton, Jim Hall, Zak Herner, Kevin Kamins, Scott Kamins, Nick Kati, Matt King, Jordan Levy, Ken Littel, Clint McDonald, Kevin O’Brian, Mark Procter, Edward Salse, Zach Swedo, Leah Vaid


  1. Mundelein Craft Beer Festival is just about three weeks away. At last count, there were still 10 open slots for pourers. If you want to pour and haven’t signed up yet, reach out to the shop soon!
  2. Elections for the board are this summer.
    • Nomination forms will be distributed before the June meeting, and nominations will close the day of the June meeting, 6/20.
    • The elections will be online, with the window for elections being the two weeks leading up to the July meeting, 7/18.
    • Voting will conclude on 7.18 at 8 PM, and winners will be announced at that time at the general meeting.
  3. BOTQ next month is German Wheat Beers, BJCP Category 10: Hefeweizens, Dunkleweizens, and Weizen Bocks.
  4. Wortapalooza registration is open until 6/21, and 217 of the available 250 entries have been claimed already. If you want to compete, enter soon!